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TMJ Therapy

You find your jaw painfully pops when you try to close your mouth to eat. Or your jaw muscles ache so much your teeth or ears hurt.

What Is TMJ Dental Treatment?

We can evaluate you for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and provide non-surgical solutions to give you long-term relief. TMJ dental treatments often include custom-fitted TMJ mouth guards/TMJ splints for people who suffer from jaw pain and jaw joint dysfunction to wear at night.

What to Expect

  • Two 1 hour appointments

What Can TMJ Remedies Do for Me?

A TMJ dentist evaluates your jaw joint, bite, risk factors, and symptoms. They develop a customized treatment plan for you to give you relief from TMJ dysfunction. The goal is for you to have pain relief and regain the ability to chew and speak comfortably. Treatment will also help prevent further damage to your jaw joint and avoid more cracked teeth

TMJ disorder treatments a dentist may recommend may include

  • A nighttime mouth guard to stop you from clenching and grinding your teeth (bruxism). 
  • TMJ exercises
  • Resting your jaw
  • Pain medications or muscle relaxers for TMJ
  • Relaxation techniques and stress management techniques
  • Physical therapy or TMJ massage
  • Cold packs or heat therapy
  • TMJ surgery

TMJ Treatment Process

  • First Visit

    At your first appointment, the dentist does a TMJ assessment. They determine the range of movement your jaw has, feel the degree of muscle tension, check your bite, and note any clicking or popping in your jaw. The dentist asks you about your TMJ symptoms and medical history to make sure to choose the therapies that will give you the most TMJ relief possible. In more severe cases, the dentist may also refer you to a physician.

    Once you and the dentist agree on the proper night guard for your TMJ, they make an impression of your teeth. Then the impression goes off to the lab.

  • Second Visit

    At your second appointment, you get to try out your new oral appliance and see how it fits. The dentist gives you instructions on how to insert, remove, and clean your TMJ splint. You receive instructions to minimize your TMJ pain. Then you are ready to begin enjoying eating and speaking again.