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Teeth Whitening​

If you are addicted to Southern sweet tea, you may have noticed you now have yellow teeth.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening brightens your teeth many shades more than DIY teeth whitening kits. Teeth whitening from the dentist takes less time and provides longer-lasting results than home whiteners.

What to Expect

  • Two 60-minute appointments (or more)

What Can Professional Teeth Whitening Do for Me?

Professional whitening treatments remove surface stains from consuming pigmented foods and beverages or using tobacco products with impressive results. Prescription whitening products also reach deep intrinsic stains (internal stains). If your teeth are stained through due to tetracycline, fluorosis, or age—home whitening kits will not work at all. You need powerful professional whitening options.  

Benefits of professional teeth whitening:

  • Faster results
  • Fewer side effects/sensitive teeth than home whiteners 
  • A radiant, attractive smile
  • A big confidence boost

The Teeth Whitening Process

  • First Visit

    Teeth whitening services are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures and very easy to do.

    After a dental exam and routine dental cleaning, you receive treatment for any decay or gum disease, if present, before whitening your teeth. Your dentist creates dental impressions of your teeth and sends them off to a lab to fabricate trays just for you. At this point, you talk to your dentist about if you want the in-office tooth bleaching treatment (plus take-home whitening trays) or if you just want to do the home treatments.

    Brush with Sensodyne toothpaste for a week before your whitening treatment. This will help minimize any temporary tooth sensitivity.

  • In-office procedure

    For in-office teeth whitening services at your next dental office appointment, the dentist uses a powerful whitening agent like carbamide peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide or hydremide peroxide).

    The dentist applies the whitening solution to your teeth for about 45 minutes then rinses the treatment away. Then they also apply a tooth enamel strengthening solution that protects your tooth enamel and prevents tooth sensitivity.

    This is often called “instant teeth whitening” but works best when used in concert with the home whitening-trays at night for two weeks.

    For very severe staining cases, you might use the home-whitening trays for 3-8 weeks and have one more in-office treatment.

  • At-home whitening trays procedure

    If you choose to do at-home whitening, the dentist makes sure your trays fit at your second appointment and provides instructions. Then wear your trays with whitening gel at home for two weeks at night while you sleep. Watch your teeth whiten dramatically.

    Now you’re ready to smile with confidence! Keep the trays to do periodic at-home maintenance and touch-ups to keep your teeth brilliantly white.

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