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Have a frustrating overbite, underbite, or gap teeth that make you cringe when you see yourself on Zoom calls?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear plastic removable retainer system that restores perfect teeth alignment without using metal braces. It is for people who don’t require extreme or complex orthodontic adjustments.

What to Expect

  • Two 60-minute appointments to get your first Invisalign retainers
  • Dental visits every four-six weeks for progress checks
  • A final visit at the end of treatment

What Can Invisalign Do for Me?

Invisalign retainers work for almost everyone to gently pressure crooked teeth back into their proper positions. They are almost imperceptible to other people and don’t draw embarrassing attention to the teeth straightening process. You can remove Invisalign to eat, so oral hygiene is much easier than it would be with metal braces or permanent retainers.

Having proper teeth alignment improves the aesthetics of your smile, your confidence, and your overall oral health.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can correct a wide range of tooth alignment issues like:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Overbite, underbite, open bite, or crossbite
  • Gap teeth

The Invisalign Process

  • Your First Visit

    At your first visit, your Invisalign dentist consults with you about the issues you have with your teeth, whether you need Invisalign or braces, and any other health problems you have. Expect to have x-rays and take care of any cavities.

    If your dentist decides you are a good candidate for an Invisalign retainer, they’ll perform a smile scan to generate a 3D image of your teeth (or your dentist may use an impression kit to make a mold of your teeth). With the 3D scanner, your dentist can show you what your Invisalign results will look like before you even start your aligner treatment.

  • Second Visit

    Two weeks later, visit the dentist’s office again for a ClinCheck review. You can see the estimated treatment time and the plan in a 3D simulation. You and your dentist can then approve the Invisalign treatment plan.

  • Third Visit

    A few days later, you arrive for your third visit to prepare for your treatment and receive your first set of Invisalign retainer trays. Your dentist adds small tooth-colored Invisalign attachments (or Invisalign buttons) to your teeth to help anchor the Invisalign to the teeth so it can do its work properly. These buttons will be removed at the end of your Invisalign teeth treatment.

    Also at this visit, your dentist might “shave your teeth” (perform interproximal reduction, IPR) to make space between crowded teeth so they can begin to move into position during treatment. Then you get to try out your first tray and learn how to insert and remove it, as well as how to clean it. Be sure to make a habit of wearing your retainer 22 hours per day.

  • Fourth Visit

    Your fourth visit is generally two weeks later for a quick assessment then you pick up your next trays.

    Usually, you visit about every 6 weeks or so after this until the treatment is finished in anywhere from 6 months to about 18 months.

  • Final Visit

    At your last visit, you’ll be fitted for retainers to maintain your new teeth alignment and have your completion photos made. Then you can decide if you agree with 95% of online Invisalign reviews that say the process was definitely worth it. Now show off that perfectly straight, healthy smile! And maybe embark on a new modeling career?