Dental impressions are used for many of the procedures we perform. From orthodontic retainers to removable dentures, an accurate mold of your teeth is necessary to fabricate your custom appliance. 

During my time as a practicing dentist, I have yet to hear a patient say that their favorite part of a procedure was having molds taken.  In fact, my dental assistant and I usually hear it is the worst part of the procedure. It is often a gooey mess and can be time consuming if we have to retake the impression. Due to this, it didn’t take our practice long to decide we wanted to invest in a digital scanner and offer digital impressions.

Digital scanners stitch many still images into a clear, full color, three-dimensional STL file of your teeth. There is no “goop” or bad taste involved. It is a simple wand that we hover over your teeth. It is not only simple to use, but it is also very accurate. The file can then be electronically sent to participating laboratories for fabrication of your appliance, which many times reduces the waiting period. There are only a few procedures that we do not yet have the capability of using the scanner on. However, the majority of appliances we fabricate for you are perfect candidates.

The team at Carolina Dentistry is proud to offer this technology to our patients! We are happy to give you the best patient experience using the latest in dental technology.